We’re so excited to announce that we’re going to be playing at the Gem Center for the Arts “Lounge at the End of the Universe”! It’s a rad woman-owned-and-operated venue that bridges the gap between black box theater and cabaret. SO stoked to see all of our Boise people again, FINALLY. Tickets here.

Oh my goodness, you all — our first test run of “Good to Me” shows was wildly more successful than we could have dared hope or imagine. So much fun, amazing audiences, great vibes. Thank you for coming, those of you who were there — and those who weren’t, we’re scheduling the next round of shows — stay tuned!

13yo us: “This song is unknowable; but somehow it feels very sexy, in an alluringly foreign way”

48yo us: “This song is a trenchant indictment of capitalism and class hierarchy”

we hope you love it.

A record that I worked long and hard on over the last year, and which is very dear to my heart, is out in the world today!

Dad Songs is the second album of goofy, sweet, bizarre indie-pop singalong anthems by The Small Dinosaurs. It’s all about being a dad and part of a family — with heartfelt songs about favorite foods, cat friends, and going into labor. Produced / recorded / mixed / mastered by me!

Available anywhere you stream music. I hope you love it.