This is the new record from our sweet friend Val Blaha. Someone referred to it the other day as “activist folk,” and I think that’s spot-on. It’s by turns heartfelt, tender, angry, and hopeful. It rewards repeated listens. I had an amazing time making it; I hope you love listening to it.

Written by Val; produced / mixed / mastered by me.

Shannon’s new record is out June 14th … and here’s the first song! Recommended listening approach: in the car, windows down.

We have a NEW SONG for you — it's called "Glorious.""Eyes on the light. We are glorious." ??From the album *Revolutionary Acts of Optimism,* out June 2019.We'd be thrilled if you'd share this with your friends — you never know who could use a lift today.Thanks for watching. ??

Posted by Shannon Curtis on Friday, April 5, 2019

I’m thrilled to be able to share this with you. Christen and I worked on this record for well north of a thousand hours, over a period of four years. And it’s out today.

This is classical music, sort of. It’s also indie music, sort of. And soundtrack music, and ambient music, and industrial music, at times. Sort of. It’s its own thing. We’re enormously proud of it. I hope you love it.