i couldn’t be more proud of this record and i’m so excited to share it with you!

the backstory is that i’ve known this band for the last couple of years. i mentored the drummer through self-recording and mixing their previous EP. he did a great job, but also he’s more at the beginning of his mixing arc. and so when it came time for them to do their full-length i enquired about mixing it; they’re a killer band, and they’re starting to get some buzz locally in boise, and so i figured that a fantastic-sounding record could genuinely help them.

they couldn’t afford my rate, and they have a trans femme in the band, and trans people need extra love and support — so i gave them an 85% discount, and i put in extra time, and i think the results speak for themselves. great songs, great frontwoman, great album; i’m super pleased with how this all came together. i hope you love it. recommended if you like:

  • punk
  • postpunk
  • heavy music
  • processing trauma and difficult emotions through music

(and as a side note: if you’re a trans person or other flavor of queer person, and you have a band that you take very seriously that’s starting to get some traction, and a killer-sounding record would really help but you can’t afford it, reach out. i may be able to help.)

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we just lowkey played our “good to me” show in three of the best venues on the west coast, and it went better than we could’ve hoped. what a joyous experience. thank you so much to everyone who came to one of the shows! <3