the m-f-ing triple door

Could not be more excited about this. Shannon played the Musiquarium at The Triple door in like 2007. That’s the bar gig where you’re over in a corner basically playing background music for most people, while the people who specifically came to see you sort of cluster their seats around you. It was a magical gig for someone just starting out — like a foot in the door. After soundcheck Shannon poked her head into the big room and found herself absolutely in awe of how gorgeous and fancy and luxe it is in there. And at that time it seemed so far away, perhaps unreachable. Like where the big kids played. And now her name’s going to be on the marquee, because she’s headlining it. We sold almost 90 tickets in the first 48 hours, which for us is unprecedented velocity. It’s a big deal for a couple of diyers. We hope if you’re in the area you can come; if you’d like to but can’t swing the ticket price, message me and i’ll help get you hooked up with Ticket Angels tickets.

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