“the significance of peaches” is out!

The Chris Bathgate record that I worked on for months in early 2021 is finally out in the world! I mixed and co-produced it.

The entire record has no guitar, and is based instead around a 19th-century pump organ that resides in a studio in Oakland, California. The organ is tuned about half a semitone down from normal modern pitches, so all the other instruments had to be tuned to the organ — in the case of the piano, this involved using varispeed on the multitrack tape deck to which the album was recorded, to slow the playback down slightly, thereby lowering the pitch to the tuning of the piano.

These variables combine to give the album a unique, unusual, and meditative feel. Here’s the Bandcamp link, for free listening; it’s also anywhere else you might listen to music. I hope you love it.

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