We have a bona fide radio hit!

So here’s some unusual news … we have a song that’s been climbing the charts at a Triple-A radio station in Oregon! KBGE-FM 94.9 The Bridge added “Breaking Ground” from Shannon’s new album 2020101 a few weeks ago … and, as of yesterday, it’s #3 in their top 5 most requested songs. This is so surreal. We made this song in our house!

We’ve been streaming the station some this week while we do computer work, because it’s an excellent station, and we’ve heard it a bunch. It’s always shocking and extremely exciting. And we’re always the only non-famous artist; it’s never in, like, a local show or something like that. The last time we heard them play it, we were slotted between Adele and Pixies. It’s humbling and thrilling all at once.

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