Rose Alaimo has released her first single from the album we made together (which is FANTASTIC). I mentored her through making this record … here’s what she had to say about that in a recent interview, which I just love:

“I do write, perform and record all of my own music in my home, but this album was created with production mentorship from producer Jamie Hill at Department of Energy Management, Tacoma WA. We worked on these songs throughout the last year- I would send him a demo and record all the parts on my end, and then he would help me with the sound engineering aspects and we would bounce it back and forth until it was how we wanted it, and once all the songs were done he mastered them in his studio. Working with Jamie was an amazing experience. While COVID-19 was raging around the world, I spent every spare hour I had locked up in my studio working with him remotely on these songs. Not only did I make an amazing new friend and learn a TON about production from him, but working on this with Jamie during this insane year saved my soul. It gave me a place to go where I could safely explore and throw around all of the feelings I was experiencing during this crazy time, and with his help I think we were able to harness a lot of that energy and direct it into the music in a really meaningful way.”

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