‘Happy to Be Here’ is here!

This is super exciting: one of my absolute favorite albums I worked on last year is out in the world today! It’s the third Ampersands album — a follow-up, nine years later, to the second Ampersands record, which I also helped make.

The process for this one was unique and odd. My roles were, variously: mixing, mastering, recording, co-production, and audio restoration. Some songs we had all the tracks for; some songs we only had stereo rough mixes of the backing tracks, thanks to a hard drive incident some years ago (not on my end; I keep real-time backups of everything I’m working on! Just to be super clear for anyone who’s thinking about working with me). Getting everything not just well-produced but also cohesive was an excellent, fun challenge. It came out great. I hope you love it.

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